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How does the RMI Data Repository promote the Reverse Mortgage industry?

If your business is reverse mortgages, your performance data combined with that of your peers can help secure the industry’s future. Our industry is in desperate need of credible information to show regulators and consumers that we are part of the financial solution and not the problem for seniors. RMI is dedicated to creating this crucial data foundation for the industry in a way that protects your confidential information and customers, while maximizing the value of this data to the industry and you as a participant.

Participate today to secure our industry’s future and your next generation of performance tools.

Value Proposition

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Current Status

Top 10 Lenders Participating: 60%

Recent Origination Loan Volume Represented: ~90%

Estimated Servicing Loan Volume Represented: ~50%

Servicing 1.0 Sample Reports

Servicing Subscription Reporting Now AvailableContact Us Today To Subscribe

Origination 1.0 Sample Reports will be available soon


  • Information collected is similar to current investor/regulatory reporting (HMBS, Fannie Mae, HUD) = minimal impact of designing a new data process
  • Full customer information never received, eliminating GLBA Privacy Act concerns and substantially reducing risk to participating lenders
  • Contracts provide participants confidentiality protections and clear definitions of project goals

Industry best practice technology and processes in place to ensure data is always secure.

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Origination Fields Template v20110902