We are proud to count 8 of the top 10 reverse mortgage lenders among our clients. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable partner to help grow your reverse mortgage business, let’s talk.

Sample Engagements

NRMLA – National Reverse Mortgage Lender’s Association

RMI supports NRMLA’s mission of pushing the industry forward and has entered an exclusive strategic marketing agreement for reverse mortgage market intelligence. By providing research and statistics for key NRMLA initiatives, RMI is helping the reverse mortgage industry mature and grow as a business.

Top 10 Lender

RMI provides comprehensive reporting for wholesale sales leadership, retail loan officers, field and executive management, and consumer marketing to a bank owned top 10 reverse mortgage lender and servicer.

Top 10 Lender

RMI acts as lead consultant on this lender’s internal reporting project, ensuring management across the company receives actionable information aligned with the organization’s tactical and strategic goals.

Top 10 Lender

Pilot client for RMI’s wholesale reporting increased their volume over 150% in their first year, adding to their dramatic growth as a top 10 retail lender

Top Servicer

Servicer engaged RMI to provide ongoing MSR valuation guidance for both financial statements and buy/sell transactions

Reverse Mortgage Investor

Publicly traded firm engaged RMI for valuation modeling expertise in valuing and trading portfolio of reverse mortgage assets valued at over $1 billion

Big 4 Consulting Firm

RMI retained to provide reverse mortgage expertise in ongoing data project to analyze risk of reverse mortgage securities

Experienced Mortgage Entrepreneur

RMI retained to provide strategic business planning and consulting to raise financing for a new venture in the reverse mortgage industry

Reverse Mortgage Loan Origination System

RMI retained to consult in creation of reverse mortgage pricing calculator to ensure accurate results and fast rollout of loan origination system