Investors & Servicers

How much are your Reverse Mortgage portfolios worth?

Whether you are buying or selling MSR portfolios, or issuing or purchasing HMBS, RMI’s valuation models and database of historical loan performance will help you accurately value these assets.

  • Benchmark CPR data for reverse mortgage servicing rights valuation (HECM and proprietary)
  • HECM and proprietary reverse mortgage valuation models for buying and selling reverse mortgage servicing rights
  • HMBS issuer liquidity needs and reserve requirements
  • HMBS investor cash flow modeling
  • Third-party validation for auditors and financial statement requirements

Proprietary Product Development

At the peak of reverse mortgage activity in 2007, proprietary products were as much as 16% of dollar volume for the reverse mortgage industry. ¬†While they’re much less than that today, the potential for lower loan limits on HECM along with improvements in home price appreciation and secondary markets is prompting forward thinking originators and investors to re-visit product development.

Use our best in class data and valuation models to ensure you’re not behind the curve when these changes happen.

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