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HECM Trends – January 2017

March 21, 2017

HECM endorsements started the year off higher than last January, which makes for a lot of good growth comparisons around the country on the HECM Trends report.

  • Las Vegas led all cities, growing 185.7% to 40 loans in January
  • San Antonio also had triple digit growth, up 150% to 25 loans
  • Colorado followed an impressive 2016 with 84.8% growth to start 2017

Find out where else HECMs are growing in our full report by clicking the image below.

HECM Trends

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HECM Originators – January 2017

March 14, 2017

HECM volume started the year off a touch below the recent high water mark from December but still well above the 2016 monthly average. We can now see that Retail has shown significantly more strength the past two months, including a 2.4% increase in January.

  • Live Well led the way among the top 10 lenders with 13.2% growth across both channels in January, to 172 loans
  • Synergy One was close behind, increasing 5.3% to 237 loans
  • Nationwide Equities endorsed 108 loans, up 3.8% from December

Don’t forget to check out the rankings on page 3 (trailing twelve months with channel splits) and page 4 (single month retail only). If your company is not an FHA approved lender, these are the only industry rankings where you’ll appear!

Click the image below to access the full report.

HECM Originators

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HECM Lenders – February 2017

March 1, 2017

HECM endorsements dropped -3.3% in February, continuing a slow decline from the recent high reached in December.

  • Just 4 of the 10 regions grew in the month, but both of the top two regions were among them albeit by only 2 loans for Southeast/Caribbean
  • And just 3 of the top 10 lenders increased volume, with HighTech Lending leading the way (up 73.4% to 189 loans)
  • Liberty posted 65.6% growth to 376 loans, its highest volume since April 2016
  • Last but not least, AAG improved further on its industry leading volume, rising 10.5% to 1,064 loans

If your company is FHA approved check out the rankings on page 5 of the report below. If your company is not FHA approved, watch out for our next edition of HECM Originators to find your ranking!

Click the image below for the full report.

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