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Say Hello to Dashboard

Welcome to our brand new Dashboard newsletter!  This newsletter will come out once per month and will be dedicated to informing our newsletter subscribers of the different services that we offer for those folks in the reverse space.  It will mainly focus around our Dashboard and the tools within that.  If you are a subscriber to the Dashboard then keep an eye out for this newsletter because we will demo certain aspects of the tools, and will end each newsletter with a little nugget that you may or may not have known.

Now if you aren’t a current subscriber to this service don’t worry.  Besides helping to educate our newsletter subscribers about these different tools that we offer through the Dashboard we will also be providing short examples which will dig into specific markets using these tools.  So stay tuned because we may just cover your market!

Now for your first nugget!  Have you ever clicked on the FAQ section of the Dashboard?  If not try it out.  There are lots of useful tips as well as some short demo videos.  If you need more help then you can always reach out to Jon McCue at

HECM Trends – April 2017

While industry endorsements slipped a bit in April, year to date volume is still 12.5% higher than last year. Refinance transactions have picked up steam in 2017, coming in at 14% of endorsements. Even so, non-refi loan volume is up 8.8% year over year.

  • Colorado continues to experience tremendous growth, with volume up almost 70% from last year.
  • Denver is leading the way in the city list, with volume growing 40%
  • King County in Washington jumped 60.3% over last year

Find out where else HECMs are growing in our full report by clicking the image below.

HECM Trends

HECM Originators – April 2017

April brought the obligatory drop in endorsements after the big month in March, with volume falling 6% to 5,034 units. That is still good enough for the 2nd highest volume month in the last 12 months, and 4th highest in the past 2 years.

  • Wholesale/broker volume fell 3.6% to 2,511 loans
  • Retail/direct volume fell further, down 8.2% to 2,523

As would be expected in a down month, most of the top 10 institutions had lower volume, with a couple of exceptions:

  • RMS/S1L volume spiked more than 300% to 276 units(page 2)
  • Reverse Mortgage Funding increased from 546 to 574 units
  • One Reverse inched up to 261 loans

Don’t forget to check out the rankings on page 3 (trailing twelve months with channel splits) and page 4 (single month retail only). If your company is not an FHA approved lender, these are the only industry rankings where you’ll appear!

Click the image below to access the full report.

HECM Originators