ReverseIQ Publishing Schedule & Media Kit

ReverseIQ Newsletters – Free Subscription & Website

These free monthly reports provide you with a summary of endorsement and competitive trends in the reverse mortgage industry, and include both Retail and TPO statistics. We publish these in our ReverseIQ Newsletter, along with commentary about the trends/issues we are seeing.

Benefits include:

  • Top 100 Lender Endorsement Data and Market Share
  • Regional Endorsement Trends
  • Segmentation and New Lender Metrics
  • Top Zip Codes, Counties, Cities and more by volume and penetration
  • Retail, Wholesale and Combined metrics

Sample Reports and Publication Schedule

HECM Lenders
Week 1

HECM Originators
Week 2

HECM Trends
Week 3

How do I get these free reports?

Simply sign up for our ReverseIQ Newsletter, and we’ll deliver the reports, along with some insightful commentary, to your email inbox every month.

How can I advertise in this publication?

We thank you for your interest in reaching reverse mortgage professionals. ¬†At this time we are sold out of advertising space but please contact us if you’d like to be updated when new space is available. ¬†Thanks!