HECM Originators – January 2019

HECM endorsements dropped -5.7% to 1,649 loans in January, which we already discussed extensively.

  • Retail declined -6%, coming close to dropping below 1,000 loans for the month
  • Wholesale did better, giving up -5.3% to end at 638 loans

Thankfully we already know that February was significantly better, so we can avoid the worst pangs of depression this report would otherwise inspire.

Even in a mostly steady month there was some divergence among lenders:

  • High Tech is on a tear, which we mentioned already
  • Liberty grew their volume 34.1% to finish at 165 loans
  • AAG picked up 13.3% to 631 loans (almost as much as the Wholesale channel in total)
  • Live Well also gained 12.3% to 82 loans

Click the image below to access the full HECM Originators report including the most comprehensive originator rankings available on page 4.

HECM Originators