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About RMI - Delivering the Answers Reverse Market Leaders Need


Delivering the Answers Reverse Market Leaders Need

RMI wholesale and retail dashboards give reverse mortgage lenders fast access to comprehensive and current loan data.  Our platform shows exactly where to focus efforts for wholesalers to connect with the strongest brokers and retailers to reach the most borrowers, and our digital tools help them sell more loans.

Our valuation software and performance data give HMBS issuers, lenders, servicers, and investors the tools they need to reliably value loans, portfolios and MSRs across a wide range of scenarios.

A Proven Resource

The industry’s top 10 lenders plus leading brokers, vendors, servicers, and investors all rely on our intelligence software and services.

In 2007, we began aggregating nationwide lending data and now maintain the largest reverse mortgage data set in the country. Our growing list of clients relies on our data, software and analysis to focus their efforts and seize the greatest opportunities for success.

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Reverse Mortgage Expertise Across The Full Loan Life Cycle

John Lunde

John K. Lunde

Founder and President

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John is an expert in financial analysis and investment modeling in a range of industries, with a focus on reverse mortgages since 2004. John draws on deep experience and extensive relationships with leaders at top lenders, servicers and investors in the space to focus RMI’s product development and sales in productive niches for clients.

Prior to founding RMI in March 2007, John led the Business Metrics & Analysis team at Financial Freedom to deliver comprehensive ongoing internal performance analysis across all lines of business in the company: Marketing, Sales, Operations and Servicing. John previously worked at AT&T Wireless, Cendant Settlement Services and and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance from California State University San Bernardino.

Topher Thiessen

Topher Thiessen

Founder and Vice President

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Topher is a veteran entrepreneur, with experience in startup and early stage venture formation, in addition to serving as Assistant Vice President at Financial Freedom during their dramatic growth as an industry leader in reverse mortgage.

Topher leads product development and operational performance for RMI, ensuring that RMI provides top level service efficiency in client services. He also assists in client engagement and consulting, lending his considerable expertise in both industry and systems design and implementation.

Prior to founding RMI, Topher was a key member of the Business Metrics & Analysis team at Financial Freedom, responsible for both development and operational performance of reporting systems in addition to his direct consultative role with each line of business.

Topher previously founded Urban Diversion, a Bay Area social events services company, and held roles at ML Stern, MetaMarkets Investments and Everen Securities. He is a native of Montana and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Washington.

Jon McCue

Jon McCue

Director of Client Relations

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Jon is the Director of Client Relations for Reverse Market Insight. Jon ensures that RMI’s clients are getting the exact services that are most beneficial to their individual needs by taking a personal interest in each of them with particular focus on their current and future goals. By talking to each one individually and customizing a package of services that is just right for their business needs Jon is able to help RMI’s clients more effectively and efficiently target their market place with as little money as possible while increasing their returns.

Jon is a native of Washington State and graduated from the University of Washington with his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. In his free time Jon enjoys spending time with his kids, fishing, and being active outdoors.

Thuy Thiessen

Servicing Oversight and Asset Management

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Thuy is responsible for the design and implementation of RMI’s proprietary applications used for Servicing Oversight and Asset Management Service offerings. Thuy has successfully integrated regulatory and investor requirements into asset management software used to streamline decision making and mitigate risk for agency and non-agency portfolios.

Thuy started in the reverse mortgage industry in 2006 at Financial Freedom as Assistant Vice President of Operational Risk Management before moving to Reverse Mortgage Funding in 2016. At both companies she created Claims Management Systems to track servicing defects, manage indemnification and automate curtailment milestone events in accordance with HECM regulations.

Thuy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from University of California, Riverside.

Jared Skrabala

Servicing Oversight and Asset Management

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Jared is an industry expert who started as an underwriter in reverse mortgage in 2008 before transitioning to servicing and servicing oversight in 2012. Jared was responsible for helping create, enhance, and lead oversight programs for some of the largest issuers and servicers in the space. Jared is proficient with regulations for government insured loans, well versed in late-stage default servicing, and has extensive experience with contractual claim evaluation.

Prior to joining RMI, Jared held various leadership roles at Bank of America and Reverse Mortgage Funding. Jared is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Paul Jacob

HECM Capital Markets

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Paul is a mortgage-backed securities expert with more than 35 years of experience. He is an authority on reverse mortgage prepayment behavior and has substantial experience in MBS portfolio management, trading, investment strategy, and analysis. Before joining RMI, Paul managed HECM capital markets for Finance of America Reverse, the #1 reverse mortgage issuer in the U.S. He has also held senior positions with top firms including Finance of America, Countrywide Securities, Hyperion Capital Management, and Morgan Stanley, and has contributed to Fabozzi’s Handbook of Mortgage-Backed Securities.

Paul holds a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics from the University of Texas at San Antonio.