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Reverse Vendors

Know Who and What Matters Right Now In Reverse Mortgages

RMI gives professionals who are marketing to or supporting the reverse mortgage industry the information you need to identify every company doing reversing mortgages and target the placement and timing of your sales and marketing. Use the most accurate, current and comprehensive market and trend data to inform your decisions.


The Vendor Dashboard

See the Reverse Market from Every Angle.


Retail Snapshot

provides a high-level overview of competition and trends in multiple markets across the country at the state or county level so lenders can:

  • Assess lenders’ business volume
  • Improve marketing and sales efficiency nationwide
  • Coordinate complex territory assignments
  • Target recruiting efforts to maximize coverage

Wholesale Activity

lets you analyze your market share and trends within the industry’s broker volume so you can prioritize your targets:

  • Find opportunities for new accounts or 
  • Gain additional volume within your book.

Wholesale Prospector

gives you a single-page, complete overview of all broker/sponsor business. It is a goldmine of information that enables you to:

  • Make more informed account assignments
  • Focus efforts on the prospects that matter
  • Efficiently collect better data to inform your decision

Origination Summary (Optional)

gives you an immediate overview of any company in the mortgage industry:

  • See the business they’re doing by geography, volume, channel, product type.
  • Know if they are originating their own loans and who they are selling to 
  • Search Google, Facebook and LinkedIn at once to display trade names, contact information, websites and social media accounts.

Technical Requirements
and Pricing

It’s Simpler in the Cloud

RMI software and data are maintained, updated regularly and stored securely on our servers. All you need to access your tools are a web browser and a subscription

Monthly subscriptions and feature selections can be customized to your team’s specific needs.

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API Integration

Put Our Data Inside Your Tools

API Integration - Put Our Data Inside Your Tools

You can access the most accurate and comprehensive database in the industry, and pull our individual data sets into your own tools to maximize your sales and marketing performance:

  • Add sales and volume detail to your customer-facing forms and sales funnel.  Retail lenders use the API to integrate RMI’s reverse mortgage household and volume data into origination tools.
  • Perform complex analysis and reporting in your internal applications. Wholesale lenders use the API to integrate RMI’s wholesale volume data directly into their CRM tools to give AE’s fast and easy access to volume trends and customer capture rates.

Make Better Decisions with Better Data

The RMI Data Repository

Your Data Helps Secure The Future

The RMI Data Repository - Your Data Helps Secure The Future

Access to accurate, comprehensive reverse mortgage performance data is critical for making better business decisions, and we need incontrovertible data to show regulators and consumers that we are all part of the financial solution for seniors.

  • We’ve partnered with leading technology providers to make sharing information in the repository as easy as clicking a few buttons
  • Information collected is similar to current investor/regulatory reporting (HMBS, Fannie Mae, FHA, etc.) so there is minimal data design needed.
  • Our datasets don’t require sensitive customer information, eliminating GLBA Privacy Act concerns and substantially reducing risk to lenders.

Be Part of the Solution

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