More Days – HECM Lenders March 2021

HECM endorsements inched up in March, rising 3.8% to 4,220 loans.

Growth was found in several regions, including the largest region rising to a new recent high:

  • New England added 31.4% to finish with 113 loans, with HECM volume rising almost as much as Patriots free agency spending levels!
  • Mid-Atlantic grew 20.5% to 235 loans
  • Pacific/Hawaii rose 11.9% to top even last May’s total, a feat matched only by NW/Alaska and Great Plains at much smaller volumes

Lenders did well too, with 6 of the top 10 rising:

  • HighTech jumped 133% to 98 loans, continuing its see-saw journey for the past several months
  • Advisors Mortgage Group climbed 70.5% to 75 loans and a new monthly high
  • RMF grew 29.5% to 487 loans and hold off FAR for 2nd place, despite the latter’s 26% rise to 524 loans

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