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Consolidating – HECM Lenders November 2021

HECM endorsements inched down -1.5% to 4,953 loans in November, consolidating gains from October with the second highest monthly volume of the year.

Five of the ten regions were up on the month with both of the top two down keeping the industry overall from adding to last month’s gains:

  • NY/NJ rose 8.3% to 157 loans
  • Mid-Atlantic gained […]

Jumping Higher – HECM Lenders October 2021

HECM endorsements jumped 16.3% to 5,029 loans in October, in an emphatic move higher after a swoon in August. As always, it’s best to take a single month of endorsements with a grain of salt since lenders are focused on funding rather than endorsement (that’s where the money is).

Midwest took its turn in the barrel […]

Bounce Back – HECM Lenders September 2021

HECM endorsements bounced back 17.6% to 4,326 loans, with vacation season over and even the latest government shutdown averted (for now).

The regions were almost uniformly higher, with a decline in NY/NJ preventing a clean sweep:

  • Midwest leaped 50.3% to 242 loans
  • Southeast/Caribbean grew 24% to 646 loans
  • Mid-Atlantic added 20.5% to finish at 200 loans

Lenders were almost as […]

Dog Days – HECM Lenders Aug 2021

HECM endorsements dropped -14.3% to 3,679 loans, as it felt like everyone caught up on 2 years of vacation this summer. The drop is a bit concerning given the industry had been above 4,000 loans for 8 consecutive months, but it remains to be seen if this will be a momentary endorsement blip.

The regions were […]

Fashionably Late – HECM Lenders July 2021

HECM endorsements rose 3.2% in July to 4,293 loans, in a slightly delayed release due to system updates at HUD.

While we again saw only 3 of the 10 regions increase volume, all 3 were in the top 5 volume regions and that made all the difference:

  • Pacific/Hawaii jumped 11.2% to 1,643 loans – almost 1,000 loans […]

Smaller Stories – June 2021

HECM endorsements fell -4.4% in June to finish at 4,160 loans, extending the industry’s current streak to 7 consecutive months above the 4,000 loan level.

Just 3 of the regions we track increased volume and it was mostly the smaller volume areas:

  • Last place Great Plains gained 22.7% to 54 loans
  • Second to lowest New England rose 15.5% […]

Winners Run – HECM Lenders May 2021

HECM endorsements grew 3.9% in May, finishing at 4,350 loans.

There’s a saying in the stock market that traders should let winning positions “run,” or continue to perform for you. This month we saw a parallel in the HECM market, as 6 of the 10 regions increased volume on the month and they were 6 of […]

Steady State – HECM Lenders April 2021

HECM endorsements dropped -0.8% in April, finishing at 4,187 loans.

With such a small decline nationally it was a bit surprising to have just 3 of the 10 regions we track show growth:

  • Southwest had a banner month, popping 53.6% to 341 loans to fully recover from a disastrous March
  • New York/New Jersey rose 16.1% to 187 loans
  • Great […]

More Days – HECM Lenders March 2021

HECM endorsements inched up in March, rising 3.8% to 4,220 loans.

Growth was found in several regions, including the largest region rising to a new recent high:

  • New England added 31.4% to finish with 113 loans, with HECM volume rising almost as much as Patriots free agency spending levels!
  • Mid-Atlantic grew 20.5% to 235 loans
  • Pacific/Hawaii rose 11.9% to […]

Short Month Blues – HECM Lenders February 2021

HECM endorsements eased off a bit from January’s level, falling -10.4% to 4,066 loans. Part of this is due to a shorter month with only 19 working days. For comparison, February 2020 was down -13.6% from January 2020.

Regions around the country didn’t have any good news to offset the top level decline either, with only […]