Giving Thanks for Higher Volumes – Retail Leaders November 2010

Retail endorsement numbers are out for November, and were much improved vs the last couple months. This is likely due to pullthrough from September’s inflated apps, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see another strong number in December as more of September’s apps are burned off.

Ok, on to the report. Here are some highlights from the month:

  • Total endorsement volume came in at 6,559 units, up 24% vs October, and just off the the recovery high set in August.
  • Overall endorsement volume for 2010 is 66,194; this represents a 36% drop from 2009 levels, a relative improvement vs last month’s difference of 38%.
  • The number of active lenders for the month increased by 14.  This small increase, coupled with the lowest number of new lenders entering the business, contributed to a sharp increase in the “Endorsements per Lender” metric shown on page 2.

Click on the image below for this month’s report.