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Bouncing… – HECM Lenders March 2024

March saw a nice little bounce in HECM endorsement volumes, up 8.3% to 2,058 loans. Even more importantly (in terms of future volumes), we also saw February case numbers issued rise 10.6% to 3,237.

  • Equity Takeout (new borrowers) rose 10.7%
  • Purchase was up 15.1%
  • Refinance increased 8.8%

Back to the endorsements, the regions shared the good news with 6 […]

HECM Lenders – October 2022

Endorsement numbers for October improved a bit over the volume seen in September, growing a little over 8% month over month. 9 of the 10 HUD regions experienced some volume increase during the month, led by the New England and Northwest/Alaska regions (+37% and + 27%, respectively).

On a lender basis, six of our top 10 […]

HECM Originators – November 2021

HECM endorsements dipped -1.6% in November, with Retail/direct falling -7.1% to swamp Wholesale/broker growth of 6.9% on the month.

Top 10 lenders were split down the middle, but the biggest growth was all in lenders ranked #7-9:

  • #8 Fairway rose 53.7% to 166 loans, its highest monthly volume since Feb
  • #9 South River increased 37% to […]

Finishing Strong – HECM Lenders Dec 2021

HECM endorsements finished strong with the highest volume of the year, rising 5.4% to 5,218 loans. This is the highest monthly volume since January 2018 when the last rush of loans under the old rules created a spike in endorsements before a multi-year recovery period.

Eight of the ten regions were up on the month including […]

HECM Originators – June 2016

HECM endorsements rose 3.4% in June to break a 3 month string of declines, with Retail leading the way. Retail/Direct increased 7.7% while Wholesale/Broker volume dropped -2% in the month.

  • High Tech Lending solidified its move into the top 10, jumping 52.9% in the month to 159 loans (higher than 3 other top 10 lenders in […]

HECM Lenders – July 2016

HECM endorsements dropped -6.3% in July, totaling just 3,534 and marking a new low for the year in two of the past three months.

Four of the ten regions were up on for the month, but none of those were among the top four by volume:

  • New England was a bright spot, up 28%, but that was still the […]

HECM Trends – May 2016

HECM endorsement volumes for the year through May were down -9.4% from a year earlier, and even though June volume increased it was still well behind June 2015 so look for this comparison to worsen next month.

That being said, we can always find bright spots in our HECM Trends report:

  • Last month we talked about the impressive growth in […]

HECM Originators – May 2016

HECM endorsements fell -14.2% in May, comprised of a -17.5% drop in the larger Retail channel and -9.6% decline in Wholesale/Broker channel.

One interesting point about the decline is that with overall industry volumes at the lowest level since August 2014, Wholesale/Broker volume has held up significantly better in the subsequent 21 months:

  • Wholesale average monthly volume […]

HECM Lenders – June 2016

HECM endorsements rose 3.4% in June to 3,771 loans, recovering a piece of the big drop in May. Although it was small, the increase was spread widely across the country with 8 of the 10 regions reporting growth:

  • Southwest reported the biggest rise, up 14.2% from last month and more than halfway back from the region’s […]

HECM Trends – April 2016

HECM endorsements through April were down -8.2% from the first four months last year. That’s a bigger decline than we saw last year at this time, but there are still some big volume leaders growing around the country.

This month we’ll focus on cities in our top 10 list on page 1 of the HECM Trends […]