Breaking Down 2011 – HECM Trends December 2011

We’ve been fighting off a nasty series of bugs these past 2 weeks, so we’ll keep our intro short this week.

The final tally for the year comes in at 68,566 loans, down -5.7% from last year and capping off 3 consecutive years of industry volume declines. The best to be said for that trend is simply that the bar keeps getting lower for growth and 70,000 units only looks good from below.

Nevertheless, there have been some areas bucking that trend and this year was no exception. We’ve written about Saint George, UT, which continues to top all 4 MCA growth tables on the bottom of page 2. Texas, North Carolina, Philadelphia, and Baltimore have also been profiled in past reports and continue to appear on our lists of top states and cities by volume.

Click on the image below to view the full HECM Trends report for this month.

HECM Trends