Broker Rankings – HECM Originators January 2012

“Why doesn’t FHA list my company in their volume rankings anymore?”

More and more people have been asking where they can find rankings of broker/TPO companies now that FHA no longer includes these originators in the F17 report the first of each month. The answer is in our HECM Originators report, which shows both year to date and monthly rankings of the top 100 originators (whether lender or broker) by volume.

Last year when FHA stopped including brokers in their volume reports, we re-designed this report and added a fourth page to ensure that all companies would have an equal chance to feature in the top 100 companies.

If your company endorsed 8 or more loans in January on a retail/broker basis (excludes wholesale) and is not listed on page 4 of our rankings, please let us know!

And if you want to see your company ranked among the top companies in the industry, generating 7-8 loans every month is all it takes to get in the top 100 right now.

Click the image below to access the full report:

HECM Originators