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HECM Trends – June 2017

HECM Trends is about finding the big themes in the reverse industry but also unearthing some of the little gems. In that spirit, check out these two surprises at the top of our loan size growth charts on page 2:

  • Bluffton, SC is showing the largest growth in average loan size (Max Claim Amount) in the […]

HECM Trends – May 2017

HECM endorsements are running 16.1% ahead of last year’s first five months, which is easy to see from the trendline on page 1 of our HECM Trends report.

  • That 16.1% growth figure is up from 12.5% as of April, mostly because the industry took a big swing south in May 2016
  • The five month total of 24,237 […]

HECM Trends – April 2017

While industry endorsements slipped a bit in April, year to date volume is still 12.5% higher than last year. Refinance transactions have picked up steam in 2017, coming in at 14% of endorsements. Even so, non-refi loan volume is up 8.8% year over year.

  • Colorado continues to experience tremendous growth, with volume up almost 70% from […]

HECM Trends – March 2017

The graph on the first page of HECM Trends makes clear that March was a welcome sign of growth for the reverse industry. 2017 volume is 10.5% higher than Q1 last year and even exceeds Q1 2015. Next month’s edition of this report will show continued encouragement from April’s volume, and we’ll get our first read […]

HECM Trends – February 2017

In February, HECM endorsements experienced a similar drop from January as in 2015, but starting out significantly lower than Jan 2015 and a significant gain in Feb 2016 put the month below either of the recent comparisons on our HECM Trends report.

That being said, there are always opportunities if we look around the country:

  • Portland jumped […]

HECM Trends – January 2017

HECM endorsements started the year off higher than last January, which makes for a lot of good growth comparisons around the country on the HECM Trends report.

  • Las Vegas led all cities, growing 185.7% to 40 loans in January
  • San Antonio also had triple digit growth, up 150% to 25 loans
  • Colorado followed an impressive 2016 with 84.8% […]

HECM Trends – December 2016

HECM endorsement volume finished the year on the upswing, with several areas around the country showing positive results for the month and year:

  • Denver led the top 10 cities in HECM growth, up 39.3% from 2015 to 418 loans
  • Colorado led the top 10 states in growth, growing just slightly less at 33.8% to 1,997 loans
  • Maricopa county in […]

HECM Trends – November 2016

HECM endorsements fell very slightly in November, but still managed to get closest to the total from a year earlier that volume has been since March.

With a more favorable comparison than we’ve had for several months, some areas had an easier time showing growth and made further gains against their year ago levels:

  • Washington state grew 4.5% […]

HECM Trends – October 2016

HECM endorsements increased 4.8% in October to moderate year to date change to a -16.5% drop. We’re also seeing some growing zip codes join the top 10 list at bottom right of page 1:

  • 78633 is outside of Austin, TX and registered 44 loans through the first 10 months of the year, up 12.8% from last year
  • 08757 is […]

HECM Trends – September 2016

HECM endorsements dropped -14.6% from August to September and now show a -17.1% drop year to date. As always, some areas around the country did much better than that, even breaking into growth territory.

Find out where HECMs are still in growth mode in our full report by clicking the image below.