Going TPO – Wholesale Leaders April 2011

TPO loan volume continued to grow in April, but wasn’t enough to keep wholesale endorsements from declining -13.3%. Retail fell further, down -18%, and the balance between the two channels will be an indication going forward to see if TPO volume is growing the business as non-FHA approved brokers jump in or just migrating FHA brokers to TPO producers.

Last month we showed a chart that illustrated the impressive growth of TPO loans and the clear lead of a few sponsors in this channel. The updated chart shows continued growth as TPO loans made up 30% of all wholesale loans in April, and also the more competitive nature of the business as many sponsors raced to catch up.

Metlife ran out to a big lead in March but grew slower in April, while Urban, Genworth, Generation, BofA and Security One all grew significantly to more than double TPO business from 360 to 735 loans. We’re hoping in the future to analyze just how much TPO business is coming from originators new to the industry, but for now it’s clear that the sponsor side is becoming a much more competitive market.

This month’s report also raises a point in the discussion about industry consolidation, as the table on top of page 2 illustrates that some of the largest lenders declined much faster than the industry in April. We don’t put too much weight in any one month’s results, but it’s startling to see that 88% of the industry’s decline this month came from just 2 lenders: Wells Fargo and Metlife.

The 2 lenders were 44% of the industry in March, so their decline is far larger than their market share. The smallest originators didn’t catch a break though: top 10 lenders Urban and One Reverse both saw 12 month highs and Security One came in just one loan shy of their recent peak.

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