HECM Trends December 2015

This chapter brings 2015 to a close, allowing us to review the full calendar year.  Last month it was said that “if December shows a tick upward that would be the best news on the trendline this year!“…well, it happened, and there’s nothing wrong with being cautiously optimistic about the road ahead.  That said, even as we write this, we must acknowledge that January 2016 endorsements have reported lower than hoped, so we’ll have to make up for this deficit in months to come.

Now for a few observations:

  • We are still showing YTD growth, holding at 11.7%, however the industry will need to aggressively increase endorsement volume to maintain a rolling YTD growth % to combat 2015’s June/July/Aug figures.
  • On a related note, 2015 YTD % H2H Refi has doubled from 2014, comprising an additional 5% of all endorsements nationally.
  • Colorado pushed forward to now be the 8th strongest market, with Virginia subtly sliding to #9.

On page 2 there are two more quick points to make:

  • First, the market share held by the top 10 Originators remains above 50%, where it has been 2 out of every 3 months for the last two years.
  • Second, December saw a decrease in # of active Originators (100 fewer than Dec ’14), however for YTD 2015, we still noticed an ~8.6% increase (+175 Originators)

So, full year volume ends at 56,363, giving us a great benchmark to strive to surpass for 2016!

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HECM Trends