HECM Trends – November 2017

We’re one month away from seeing the final details on 2017 in all their relative glory (compared to 2016 or expectations in 2018), but what we know right now is the year finished just above 2015 and significantly higher than 2016.

Through 11 months, several areas stood out:

  • Colorado was in a class of its own, rising 74.8% over 2016 to 3,053 loans
  • Oregon jumped 49% to 1,314 loans
  • Washington cultivated 1,796 loans, growth of 43.5%

Digging a little below the state level, we can see a couple other gems:

  • Seeing Colorado lap the field we’d expect to see Denver showing huge growth and we do: up 49.3% to 548 loans
  • But Aurora actually grew more, rising 90.4% to 278 loans

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For more on the national HECM Trends, get the full report by clicking the image below.

HECM Trends