Sacramento Story – HECM Trends November 2014

Last time in the HECM Trends report we wrote about Nevada bouncing back from the housing crash with growing HECM endorsment activity and this month Sacramento is our focus.

California’s capitol city and suburbs don’t feature much on page one of our report, except for a reference to zip code 95648 in the suburb of Lincoln registering with the 4th most loans for a single zip year to date. Once we get to page 2, however, several more signs point to a strong reverse mortgage market in the area.

  • Lincoln, CA also checks in as the 10th ranked city for growing average maximum claim amounts (MCA) for HECM loans, at $421,000, up $30,000 from last year
  • That’s also good enough for 7th place among zip codes for 95648, although it’s bested by 95747 in neighboring Roseville
  • Both Roseville (7th) and Sacramento (5th) both rank high for total MCA growth as well, having endorsed $23 million and $36.7 million in loans, respectively
  • Last but not least, Roseville’s 95747 ranks at the very top of all zip codes nationally for total MCA growth over last year, taking the lion’s share of the city’s activity with $15.9 million endorsed

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Check out all the top states, cities and zip codes nationwide in the full report below by clicking the image below.

HECM Trends