Shadowing 2012 – HECM Trends July 2014

The top graph on page 1 of HECM Trends shows the past three years of HECM endorsement volume – right now it’s eerie how closely this year is patterning to 2012. Given that August 2014 volume checked in well south of August 2012 that pattern is likely to take a little bit of a hit, but right now it seems fairly likely that the rest of the year could hover around the 4,000 loans per month mark to make the final tally very close.

  • We noted Arizona’s resurgence last month in this report, but there’s more to the 18.5% growth this year than just the biggest county, city and zip code
  • Maricopa county comprises 60.5% of year to date volume in AZ, but Phoenix contributes just 24.6% of Maricopa county volume
  • Several suburbs like Mesa, Scottsdale, Sun City and Sun City West are all checking in with big volume and with the exception of Scottsdale (which declined by 1 loan) all are showing big growth too

Sometimes the real nuggets of useful information are below the surface level – give us a call if you’re wondering what opportunities you might be missing in your local market.

Check out all the top states, cities and zip codes nationwide in the full report below by clicking the image below.

HECM Trends