HECM Originators – December 2018

HECM endorsements dropped -31.4% to 1,749 loans in December, marking a very troubling low point to end the year.

  • Retail plunged -29.4% to 1,075 loans, just over 1/3 of the January 2018 figure
  • Wholesale declined even farther, losing -34.4% to finish at just 674 loans

The carnage was widespread, as each of the top 10 lenders dropped on the month.

Our originator rankings on page 4 saw a few bright spots:

  • Liberty grew their retail volume 8.33% to 39 loans
  • Resolute Bank grew 60% to 16 loans
  • Integrity 1st Mortgage jumped 80% to 9 loans

Click the image below to access the full HECM Originators report including the most comprehensive originator rankings available on page 4.

HECM Originators