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May 11, 2022

Slow Erosion – HECM Originators March 2022

HECM endorsements set a recent record in March by rising 26.4% to 6,495 loans, but we’re digging a bit deeper today:

  • Wholesale/broker led the way, rising 28% to 2,765 loans
  • Retail/direct growth trailed slightly, increasing 25.2% to 3,730
  • Refis slipped another point to 48.3% of all loans in March, a second consecutive month of slight drops – and […]

May 2, 2022

Resting Rate – HECM Lenders Apr 2022

April HECM endorsements sagged -3.8% to 6,265 loans – not bad after setting a 10 year high last month. HECM refinances have always been driven more by home price appreciation than interest rate changes, but rising rates do cool things down a bit.

We’d expect slower growth than last year at minimum, but further volume declines […]

April 14, 2022

Refis Driving – HECM Originators Feb 2022

We already know HECM endorsements dropped in February, but now we know that both business channels showed similar trends on the month.

We can also now say that refis continued at a high level at just over 50% of all endorsements in February – consistent with the past 9 months starting last June in a tight […]

April 1, 2022

No Fooling – HECM Lenders Mar 2022

March HECM endorsements leaped 26.3% to 6,510 loans – and no this isn’t an April Fools joke! This is the highest monthly volume level since March 2011.

All 10 regions were up, and it was anything but the usual western tilt:

  • NY/NY led the way, gaining 50.4% to 206 loans
  • New England shot up 40.8% to […]

March 14, 2022

January Jumps – HECM Originators Jan 2022

HECM endorsements rose 10.5% in January, with Retail/direct playing some catchup at 13.3% and Wholesale/broker up 7%.

Several top 10 lenders had a great start to the year:

  • Something good is clearly in the water over at Longbridge these days: rising 47.4% to 889 loans, just 5 months after posting 3 consecutive months <300 last summer
  • […]

March 1, 2022

Too Soon To Tell – HECM Lenders February 2022

February HECM endorsements dropped -10.7% to 5,153 loans after a roaring start to 2022, yet held above 5,000 loans per month for the third straight month and four of the last five. It looks too soon at this point to call January an anomaly, but if we ignore that there’s remarkable consistency around the 5,000 […]

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