Turbulent Times – HECM Originators June 2022

HECM endorsements rose 2.7% in June, with both channels modestly higher. Retail/direct lenders gained 1.6% while the Wholesale/broker channel rose 4.1%.

Five of the top ten lenders managed to rise in a surprisingly differentiated month:

  • Longbridge jumped 31.8% to 725 loans, their highest since January
  • Hightech rose 18.4% to 103 loans
  • South River bounced back 17.7% to 153 loans

Several originators showed impressive gains on the month as well:

  • Goodlife/TMAC leaped 1240% to 67 loans, good for #14 on the month among all originators
  • Innovative Real Estate gained 750% to 17 loans, with 27.2% year to date
  • Key City Lending rose 143% to 17 loans on the month and 65 loans year to date, a 117% rise from last year at this time

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Check out the full rankings on pages 3 and 4 of the full report below by clicking on the image.