Welcome to the New ReverseIQ

In the months since we launched ReverseIQ as a way to communicate some of our ongoing research and analysis to our clients and others in the reverse mortgage industry, we’ve noticed a few things:

  • Length: Our newsletters tended to be long and rather involved. While that’s okay when you’re expecting to read a full analysis of an important trend, as a general rule most readers don’t look for dissertations in their email boxes. We’ll keep the new posts shorter, with more graphs and pictures to make it a quick read.
  • Frequency: In part because of the complex nature of our posts (and our goal to have more than one subject for each), we generally published every other month rather than monthly. Under our new format, we’ll be publishing three free reports (see Content, below) and at least one original analysis each month.


Retail Leaders is a free report identifying top reverse mortgage lenders and brokers, published in the first week of each month. In addition to listing all 100 of the top originating companies nationally, we break down each HUD field office for volume, endorsement growth and graph key stats like new lenders and endorsements per lender.


Industry Trends is a free report that dives deeper into the reverse mortgage industry in the third week of every month, illustrating several stats at state, county, city and even zip code levels. From the top 10 volume zip codes to the most penetrated cities in the country, you’ll see ground level information that has never before been available. There’s even a heatmap graphically displaying reverse mortgage activity across the nation.


Wholesale Leaders is a free report showing top originators through the wholesale channel in the last week of each month, shedding light on an area of the market that has seen tremendous growth but previously seen little visibility. In addition to listing top wholesalers, we provide total market share for combined retail and wholesale presence to gauge total market share and rank the top 100 lenders by total combined volume.


Last but not least, we’ll continue to post ReverseIQ posts in the second week of each month to highlight trends and opportunities to make money in reverse. From the suprising imbalance in refinance activity to the latest products and competitive pressures, we’ll continue to share new developments as we find them.

The new format and content is more useful and easier to digest for our readers. As always, we appreciate feedback, and if we’re not answering your burning questions, let us know.

The RMI Team