HECM Lenders – March 2019

HECM endorsements dropped -35.7% to 2,573 loans. That is certainly a lot, but is actually very close to the average for Dec-Feb we discussed last month as a way of reducing the noise of the government shutdown shifting volume between those months. Now that we finally have a clean month it looks like the last five months on average have all been right around this month’s level.

  • Pacific/Hawaii was least bad among regions, declining -18.6% to finish at 783 loans. The region was up 15.7% from the Dec-Feb average.
  • Southwest had a big drop for the month, but still finished 10.1% higher than Dec-Feb average
  • New York/New Jersey also lost ground but remained 7.5% above Dec-Feb average

Using the same perspective on lenders, a couple stand out:

  • Liberty lost just -0.7% in March and finished up 36.4% from their Dec-Feb average
  • One Reverse dropped more at -39.5% but stayed a respectable 15.6% above their Dec-Feb average
  • Fairway managed a 12.9% gain on their Dec-Feb average in spite of losing -35.2% month over month

If your company is FHA approved check out the rankings on page 5 of the report below. If your company is not FHA approved, watch out for our next edition of HECM Originators to find your ranking!

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